Secret Project!

Aerin Lauders Mountain Home...OMG

Aerin Lauders Mountain Home...OMG

It all started here.  This one image of Aerin Lauders vacation home.  We gasped, we cried and like the jinxes we are we send each other this photo at the same time saying "One day...."

You may have noticed we have been a bit scattered here lately...and no it's not just the #momlife thing...we have been working on a potential project!   Now this project is in the infant stage and may not come to fruition but we are pinning our hearts out when we are not running around crazy in our home lives or working.   Want to see some of our inspiration?   OK!  Here it goes... 

Meandering Trail...

Meandering Trail...


left - marble open shelves and sage green!  //  middle - NO WORDS  //  right - so warm, so lovely and inviting


left - cozy, chic camp vibes  //  right - crispy, warm camp vibes


left - always love an industrial laundry sink  //  right - how pretty is the black with oak and marble


left - this outdoor shower  //  right - dying over this deep olive color and cut wood


left - this lovely photo by the loveliest mama  //  right - these beauties

Can you guys where our brains are??!  Stay tuned!