Light another one for me... Our favorite candles when we need to breathe deeper and relax

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It really does feel so odd writing about "stuff".   It really is a difficult decision if we should write or not considering the heart ache, heart break, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and Trumps in the world.  We want to snuggle our families tight and hide under the covers for weeks.  But alas we must keep rising up.  We must shine a light on who and what needs us, give that our energy all the while keeping it going at home.  So when I sat down to write I realized all I wanted to do was turn the lights low, light a candle and get cuddly.  And that was it...we love our candles all year long.  They help us keep calm, feel grounded, relaxed, sexy, shmancy and warm so what more perfect time them to give you a glimpse of our favorites.  


(top left) We just got this one from The Odells.  Yes you do see this shop/line A LOT on here and it's because this INSANELY talented duo (soul mates married with 3 amazing kids) puts out products we are bonkers over and their new signature scented candle is one of them!  Its a blend of blend of lavender, rose geranium, and patchouli sounds odd...but it is one of the loveliest scents we have ever smelled!  Not flowery and not musky... just perfect.  We love the vessel it comes in because we can reuse it for a mug, vase etc.  

(top right) Le Labo is always a go to and not just because the scents are incredible and so saturated you barely have to light them but also because they are amazing gifts!  We should get a punch card here for the amount we have given as presents.  We are obsessed with the Santal 33 (their most popular and coveted scents) which is a musky and uber sexy blend.  It creates a mood for your whole home...just be could make you have babies.

(bottom left) Voluspa is a mainstay in our homes.  The prices are great (for high quality candles) and the scents are so so pretty and not over powering.   Their Maison Noir line is a chic as it is lovely. The Tuberose is absolutely beautiful.  After we burn these babies we love to put flowers in the used jars!

(bottom right) Norden candles are as clean, earthy, relaxing and modern as the vessel they come in.  The scents relax and transport you instantly to somewhere else.  They are candles but the scent is nothing like a traditional candle.  It is gentle and calm but not perfume or over powering and we love that you can reuse the handmade container after.

TWH Bedside table

TWH Bedside table

In times like these we all have to take a small moment for ourselves to close our eyes, breathe deep and renew.  Try deserve some self love

xo TWH