What (patio) dreams are made of...

Dreams do come true....Lifestyle LA

We know...we know...lucky us... we get to live in sunny SoCal!  But one of coolest parts of living in one of the hottest places in the US is we get to basically live outdoors all year.  And one of the fun parts of thats getting to dream about redoing our patios.  This is something we do all day everyday.  Constantly seeing furniture, swinging benches, daybeds etc and daydreaming if what we would love to have in our lives.  

While staring out the kitchen door I realized...why daydream?  No need to do a full crazy and expensive overhaul...start small, piece by piece and guess what?  I did and it made a huge difference!  

THIS IS NOT OUR PATIO!  But its so dreamy and inspirational- One Kings Lane

We stared at a few inspirational photos...ie...all of the ones you see in this post.  And figured out what we needed to make a small but impactful change and came up with a short list. 

The warmth and simplicity of this space screams "Come drink a cocktail while staring at the sunset with me"

The warmth and simplicity of this space screams "Come drink a cocktail while staring at the sunset with me"

After much research (going on Pinterest for hours that led to Ebay vintage t-shirt and dress hunting) Here is what we found out makes the biggest impact for the smallest amount of dough.

  1. Twinkle lights or Bistro lights-  Outdoor string lights warm up any space and help it look finished.   They are really inexpensive, you can get them anywhere and some are solar powered if you dont have an outlet!
  2. An outdoor rug- Just like a rug inside, an outdoor version grounds and brings the whole space together and adds the perfect welcoming pop of color
  3. Decorative pieces-  Pretty vases, trays etc.  We love hanging bells at different heights for color, depth and interest. Its a nice finishing touch.  
  4. A great coffee table-  After staring at mine, the one that matched our couch and chairs, I realized I needed a change.  Something cool and interesting so I don't have to replace the couch and chairs (which is not cost effective)
  5. Great chairs OR a great love seat-  Wood and fabric are so inviting so look for pieces with that combo.

Here are a few pieces we love right now...

from left to right..

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

This space from the New Darlings was really easy for them to achieve.   New rugs, side tables, simple couch, plants and a hanging chair...voila!

Tell us what your favorite way is to refresh your space!  And send us pics...we love to get inspired

xoxo TWH