Designer Studs...

We almost titled it..."We got our designs on these guys" but then realized it doesn't do their hunkiness any justice.  

As you probably know already, we are absolutely obsessed with interior design.  We love every bit of it, moving rooms around, pinning endlessly about our dream rooms and houses and even begging our baby daddies to let us paint rooms pure black.  But what you may not know is our secret love affairs with 3 gorgeous men in the ID field.  And when we say love...we mean the creepy stalker kind (ok not THAT kind but the giddy 16 year old girly kind).

Fan pop

Fan pop

These 3 men not only have changed the face of design but their faces look like they were designed by angels (see what we did there?).  We didn't pick them on looks of course but it definitely looks like we did.  Maybe all their dreamy blue eyes hypnotized us.

Oh we stalk you so.  

Oh we stalk you so.  

1.  Orlando Soria-  He is #1 on our list for a few reasons.  (PS...Orlando?  We have a rose chilling for you..we can talk about Park Studio lights and eat fries...hello?...Orlando?!)

  1. He's dreamy.  Like a modern hunk in a movie who brings you french press coffee after waking up with the kids leading you down to the clean kitchen where he scraped the spaghetti off the walls and then pours you a crisp rose and drops the kids off at school only to return home to give you a massage and gift certificate to Shopbop.  
  2. His Instagram is basically our spirit animal.  His long amazing comments (see #1 above why we are a match made in heaven) filled with puns, random movie references, and decor inducing envy.
  3. His designs are fresh, bright, happy and game changers with out being too trendy.
  4. His Hommemaker blog is perfection. Geared towards that style lovin man in your life
  5. He lives near us and when we saw him walking the resevoir close by with his hunk of a boyfriend we lost our voice, started sweating and couldn't say hi.  Yes that's how much we love him.
  6. His houses are our dreams from his Tom Dixon lighting to his Brizo faucets we feel like he designed them for us.  I mean he did right...right?!?
  7. He is the CD at Homepolish...our favorite e-decor site
  8. He is terrifyingly crazy about having all white dishes
Oh Nate you are so...great!

Oh Nate you are so...great!

2. Nate Berkus- What more can we say then...Target!

  1. His line at Target gets us into a frenzy every season and we scoop it up faster than a sugar addict digging into the new Ben & Jerry's vegan ice creams
  2. His designs are classic, clean and a perfect balance of masculine and feminine.  
  3. He loves Oprah and she loves him back.  (ok thats not a reason but it helps)
  4. His empire spans the world of design with books, his own lines at 5 stores, designing homes around the world...
  5. He has the most gorgeous baby girl named Poppy with fellow designer, Jeremiah Brent...which brings us to our next dreamy designer dude....


3. Jeremiah Brent- It was love at first sight.  

  1. You may remember him as Rachel Zoe's assistant.  We first met him there (in our dreams we met him but saw him while religiously watching the show) and he was sweet cute and talented.
  2. He designed Rachel Zoe's family home in BH and it was stunning!  Classic, contemporary yet totally approachable.
  3. His use of white in his designs is breath taking and envy producing (funny that we only chose black photos above...)
  4. His project with husband, Nate Berkus designing Rita Hazan's home is spectacular
  5. His smile makes us giggle
  6. See #5 above in the Nate Berkus section

Dig into the gorgeous digs these men did and dream away... the jealousy (the good kind) is  cute look.

xoxo TWH