Women's March On Washington (And pretty much everywhere else) 2017!

Many of you have felt just like us since election day 2016.... Horrified, numb, angry, frustrated and in utter disbelief that Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in our land. A man so disgusting, so despicable, so humiliating, so irrational, so misogynistic, racist and xenophobic he makes our heads spin. 

While we have tried to be patient good liberals like we are used to being ... Give everyone a shot to prove that deep down inside they have a heart that is capable of feeling compassion. 

After watching the parade of conservative billionaires he has chosen to fill his cabinet (Did you know that his selection for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, who wouldn't go on record supporting a ban on firearms in schools, is the sister of the founder of security firm Blackwater? That alone should make your blood run cold)....Well, we have learned that sometimes first impressions are right on the money. 

We can not be patient anymore, we can not let compassion in our country die out to greed. 

So what do we do? We feel helpless as we watch America's new reality taking shape. The Speaker of The House Paul Ryan is itching to defund Planned Parenthood an organization that helps countless, COUNTLESS people every year get the medical and reproductive care they need. Roe vs. Wade could be overturned, LGBT rights feel threatened including our own generation's greatest equal rights victory, marriage equality. Immigrants, Muslims, and people of color feel that their very lives are in danger. A campaign run on fear and divisiveness has shaken us all. 

Health care will be taken away from millions of people and the poorest Americans will suffer at the whims of America's top 1%, like Trump's nomination for Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder, a man with about $25 million in the bank, who doesn't believe there is a need for raising the minimum wage or giving employees paid sick leave. Employees that make less per-year than he makes in a single day. What year are we living in? How is this America? How is this draining any so-called swamp? 

Of the great gifts, we have as American's, some of the greatest are our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of thought and peaceful protest. This is America and for generations, people have stood up and fought against what they know is wrong.

It is our generation's turn. The baton has been passed and we need to run with it. For all the Women, Men, and Other that have ever suffered at the hands of the small-minded. For the ones who fought before us and the ones who have yet to fight we have to take this horrific turn of events in our Country's history and spin it back the other way. 

This Saturday, January 21st - If the Universe hasn't been swallowed up into a black hole after the Inauguration - millions of Women, Men & Other will take to the streets and march for Women's rights. Because after all, Women's rights are Human rights. Don't miss the opportunity to sit on the right side of America's history.

We want to be able to look our grand-daughters in the eye one day and say, "I was there, I stood for you!" 

While millions take to the streets in DC, we don't have to feel helpless anymore. 

Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Oakland, Tennessee, San Diego... Did you know you all had a local Sister-March? There are 616 marches across this country where you can go and join other beautiful, compassionate people. 

We are here to help you find a way to participate and have your voice heard.  We believe our voices will be heard, our numbers will be counted. Use THIS WEBSITE TO FIND A SISTER MARCH NEAR YOU!!  

For the first time since election day, let's be proud of our country. We can't take back this election, but we can take back our power. We will not go silently into the night. 





Genocide in Aleppo - We are watching

Photo: The Atlantic

Photo: The Atlantic

As of this afternoon, 3,000 civilians have been evacuated from Aleppo, the ICRC ( international committee of the Red Cross) says they expect that number to double by the end of the day. 

The atrocities committed by the Assad run government over the past five years are too many to number. From bombing schools and playgrounds specifically targeting children, to chemical warfare & starving tens of hundreds of people in the hope of forcing out the rebels that were in Aleppo. 

Heartbreaking, gut wrenching and painful. What is happening in Syria has brought us to our knees. 

Photo: Newsweek 

Photo: Newsweek 

We have been trying to wrap our heads around how and why this happened... How our Country stood by and let this happen for 5 long years. Why in God's name Assad & Putin are not going to prison for crimes of war, crimes against humanity! 

Yet, Assad phrases the evacuation of Aleppo as a victory. 

US Secretary of State John Kerry meanwhile accused Syrian leaders of carrying out "nothing short of a massacre" in Aleppo and urged them to return to peace talks in Geneva.

"The only remaining question is whether the Syrian regime, with Russia's support, is willing to go to Geneva prepared to negotiate constructively, and whether or not they're willing to stop this slaughter of their own people," he said in Washington.

We can't explain all the horrors and details to you, but we hope you will take the time to research and learn what has happened, what is happening and how we can try and stand up and never let it happen again.

You are probably feeling as helpless and confused as we are. 

We are Mother's and that alone gives us the right to stand up and say, "What can we do? How can we help?" 

Every Christmas we make suggestions for charities that you can give to. This year, we are focused 100% on how to help the people of Aleppo. 

Here is what we have found... 

While the evacuation is happening anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 people still remain in Aleppo many of them children and many of those children orphans. 

The White Helmets

Photo: Al Jazeera

Photo: Al Jazeera

A group of 2,900 civilians who actually go in and perform rescue missions after government airstrikes since 2013. Thir moto is- "To save one life-is to save all humanity" giving to this fund will help pay for medical care of these dedicated first responders who are risking their lives trying to help people right on the front lines. 


Karam Foundation- 

If a child leaves Syria or if they stay this is a direct way to donate to the children of Syria. Help rebuild schools and support the ones still remaining. Sponsor a Syrian refugee child, the Karam Foundation provides long-term support for children and families. 



A trusted name, Unicef has been helping people and children all over the world for all of our lives. Here is what they say about helping Syrian families. 

"UNICEF and its partners are committed to delivering essential services for Syrian families and keeping Syrian children from becoming a ‘lost generation’. Critical efforts are being made to minimize the impact of the crisis on children – including in the life-saving areas of health, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, as well as education and child protection.

UNICEF is also working in neighboring countries to support Syrian refugee families and the host communities in which they have settled. 

These efforts are critical not only for defending the rights of children, but also for safeguarding their future."

Please do whatever you feel in your heart that you can do to help these people. After 5 long and heartbreaking years, the world is finally watching. How can we stand by and let this genocide take place while we are silent? 







Ulla Johnson. Dream designer, mother of 3. (So basically our hero)

The gorgeous mama of 3, Ulla Johnson

The gorgeous mama of 3, Ulla Johnson

It's rare we get this crazed writing a story for TWH.  But after you read this one you may need to take a cold shower or melt your ice block of credit cards hidden in your freezer.

TDF Ulla Spring 2016

TDF Ulla Spring 2016

We have been in love with all of the stunning pieces by Ulla Johnson for over year or so now but not until recently did we become absolutely insanely obsessed. Like a slow and steady fever of love turning into burning desires.  It was a love at first sight kind of thing.  We just knew we had to have everything we could get our hands on.  

Her designs are effortless, timeless, chic and totally wearable season after season.   Each piece is just that, a piece.  When you wear it you feel it.  You know you are wearing something that you will have forever.  They are not trendy or "fashion forward" they are just "Ulla".

Need ASAP! Ulla.

Need ASAP! Ulla.

And did we mention she's a mother of 3...yep 3!?!?!.... Soren, Asher, Agnes are her pride and joy.  Her days begin and end with snuggles and kisses.  Her nights are filled with movies and popcorn and cuddles.

You may be asking...how does she do it all.  A loving mom to 3 little kids, a flourishing fashion line, a wife and a woman?  Her answer?....

Ulla + love-    What We Like

Ulla + love-  What We Like

When you have a big family these moments are precious. My days at work are varied to the extreme – depending on where we are in the collections we could be in fittings all day, or sometimes I will be sketching and researching, or planning for and executing our photo and video shoots. On many days I jump between all these areas. Being a mother has made me so much more efficient – every moment at work or with the kids is maximized to its fullest. In the evenings I like to come home and read to or play with the kids, and we all love a good pre-bedtime dance party! Then it’s off to bed for the kids and time for my husband and I to catch up over dinner and a glass of wine.
— Ulla (Romy and the Bunnies)
Could she be any dreamier?- The Coveteur

Could she be any dreamier?- The Coveteur

Luckily for all of us, as a mom of 3, she is always wishing she had a certain something that doesn't exist, something she needs right now.  So out of that need she is branching out to a lifestyle brand.  Just think a closet full of Ulla and a house to match...heaven on earth.  

Yes please...we will take 5.  Can't breathe over this.  Spring 2016

Need more inspiration?  She started her line in 2000 with 5 pieces and $5000.  Her advice?  "Be Unafraid"

Why we love her so much.  Her ease and love of juxtaposition.

Ulla is a woman in touch.  In touch with herself, her children, her audience (which is actually not who she designs for, she designs for herself...so maybe that means she's our spirit animal), and in touch with what it takes to be a loving, caring mom working outside of the home.  Who are we if we are not ourselves first?  And her designs reflect that-

I also have children. I don’t think all of my customers do, but I think there’s something about the need for effortlessness that has really been accentuated since I’ve grown my family and the kind of things that I want. I don’t like dry cleaning; I don’t like pressing. The touch of a garment is really the first thing that I look at and I think that’s what people come to me for — things that feel really soft that have an integrity on the hanger but then when worn really communicate a warmth and a sense of having been touched. I think there’s a lot of things that feel very large-scale or unemotional and I think that’s what we’re trying to invest our garments with.”
— Ulla Johnson
In this time when there is so much throwaway, I want to create heirlooms — something that feels like a find, a discovery, like it’s yours,” said Johnson, adding that she’s trying to control growth by not selling to too many stores. “People are responding to the idea that things that are beautiful take time. I don’t just want to bang it out.
— Ulla Johnson

Mara Hoffman- Vibrant Earth Mama

Getty Images

Getty Images

What you see is what you get with Mara Hoffman.  That is if you see a vibrant, beautiful, Earth loving mama who is proud to be a woman, mom, creator and human.  With just one glance you can see her aura,  it is everywhere on anything she touches.  Her connection with her spirituality is off the charts amazing.  She exudes sensuality, energy, vibrancy, earthiness and creativity. 

Its rare that such a successful business woman (she has a swimsuit line, childrens line, homewares line, accessories, ready to wear and even bridal!) is also a doting, loving mama to son Joaquin.  After Joaquin is dropped at preschool, Mara is free to create just as her son does at school.  She is usually home by dinner/bath and bedtime and then takes a bath of her own...smart mama!  On weekends she unwinds spending the time with her son and husband.  

Most designers on her level (success wise) seek out to create or follow trends but Mara just wants to create clothes that make women happy which in turn makes them totally seasonless but absolutely Mara-centric.  Just looking at the bright nature/travel inspired prints you can't help but smile and feel happy.

If ALL of her wonderful accomplishments weren't enough, she is a regular supporter of the Feeding America organization. 

For a taste of just how special this woman is follow her on insta.  You wont be able to not feel inspired. 

Le Shop Guide

Le Shop Guide

Wanna see a few of the pieces we are drooling over this season??



Only Mara Hoffman can make a surf suit this beautiful





At first peek this Jaguar one piece is perfectly gorgeous... but then you'll notice the detailing at the hips...yup all Mara

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman


This dress makes us want to go to a summer wedding!

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman

And for your mini me

Houston, we have a problem...this shirt from Bona Drag is not on our bodies...

Oh and we will take 2 of these please...

Mara x Soludos

Mara x Soludos

Need this maryjane perfection of a dress!!!


Her homewares line at Anthropologie was such a huge success it completely sold out across the nation and online.

  We were DYING for this insane rug and got to see it in person at the Flo Design party in Megan Tagliaferri gorgeous home. See it again here

Mara, you are such an inspiration to women, girls, boys and mamas everywhere.  If we all had an ounce of your passion, creativity, love, and vibrancy we would explode from an overload of light!



xoxo things we heart

Original Inspiration

Few women are as univerally idolized as Jane Birkin. 

Not only is she beautiful and eternally stylish, she also made motherhood look effortless and fun. 

Famous for her acting, controversial music career and her love affairs, most notably with French icon Serge Gainsbourg. Birkin was one of the first to be hounded by paparazzi, and she always looked amazing wherever she was. 

Jane has three beautiful daughters and they have grown up to be as stylish as their mother. 

Thank you Jane, for showing the world that mothers are sexy too.