Women's March On Washington (And pretty much everywhere else) 2017!

Many of you have felt just like us since election day 2016.... Horrified, numb, angry, frustrated and in utter disbelief that Donald Trump was elected to the highest office in our land. A man so disgusting, so despicable, so humiliating, so irrational, so misogynistic, racist and xenophobic he makes our heads spin. 

While we have tried to be patient good liberals like we are used to being ... Give everyone a shot to prove that deep down inside they have a heart that is capable of feeling compassion. 

After watching the parade of conservative billionaires he has chosen to fill his cabinet (Did you know that his selection for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, who wouldn't go on record supporting a ban on firearms in schools, is the sister of the founder of security firm Blackwater? That alone should make your blood run cold)....Well, we have learned that sometimes first impressions are right on the money. 

We can not be patient anymore, we can not let compassion in our country die out to greed. 

So what do we do? We feel helpless as we watch America's new reality taking shape. The Speaker of The House Paul Ryan is itching to defund Planned Parenthood an organization that helps countless, COUNTLESS people every year get the medical and reproductive care they need. Roe vs. Wade could be overturned, LGBT rights feel threatened including our own generation's greatest equal rights victory, marriage equality. Immigrants, Muslims, and people of color feel that their very lives are in danger. A campaign run on fear and divisiveness has shaken us all. 

Health care will be taken away from millions of people and the poorest Americans will suffer at the whims of America's top 1%, like Trump's nomination for Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder, a man with about $25 million in the bank, who doesn't believe there is a need for raising the minimum wage or giving employees paid sick leave. Employees that make less per-year than he makes in a single day. What year are we living in? How is this America? How is this draining any so-called swamp? 

Of the great gifts, we have as American's, some of the greatest are our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of thought and peaceful protest. This is America and for generations, people have stood up and fought against what they know is wrong.

It is our generation's turn. The baton has been passed and we need to run with it. For all the Women, Men, and Other that have ever suffered at the hands of the small-minded. For the ones who fought before us and the ones who have yet to fight we have to take this horrific turn of events in our Country's history and spin it back the other way. 

This Saturday, January 21st - If the Universe hasn't been swallowed up into a black hole after the Inauguration - millions of Women, Men & Other will take to the streets and march for Women's rights. Because after all, Women's rights are Human rights. Don't miss the opportunity to sit on the right side of America's history.

We want to be able to look our grand-daughters in the eye one day and say, "I was there, I stood for you!" 

While millions take to the streets in DC, we don't have to feel helpless anymore. 

Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Oakland, Tennessee, San Diego... Did you know you all had a local Sister-March? There are 616 marches across this country where you can go and join other beautiful, compassionate people. 

We are here to help you find a way to participate and have your voice heard.  We believe our voices will be heard, our numbers will be counted. Use THIS WEBSITE TO FIND A SISTER MARCH NEAR YOU!!  

For the first time since election day, let's be proud of our country. We can't take back this election, but we can take back our power. We will not go silently into the night.