Patricia Arquette- Mama

Patricia & Son Enzo

Patricia & Son Enzo

A little known fact is that in the mid to late 1990's I was OBSESSED with Patricia Arquette. 

I thought that she was just the most stunning human ever created... Her delicate face and her crooked teeth... That sweet voice! I was girl crushing so hard. I basically wished I could be her. 

Then one day fresh out of High School something really exciting happened to me... She came into the store where I was working! Ok, granted it was Fred Segal on Melrose and pretty much everyone came in to shop there but here is a huge difference.... Patricia Arquette was the nicest person I ever met there. Have you ever heard the quote

"You can tell who a person really is by the way they treat those that can't do anything for them." 

Well, this beautiful human was sweet, kind funny and polite and thankful every single time she came in to the store... She also always told me how much she loved my lisp, which was something I was insecure about, so she helped me build my confidence as a young girl. (Here is a hint if you couldn't guess, not all the customers at a store like that, were as real as she is.) 

Now Patricia Arquette will always be a legend to most of us because she is Alabama Worley in Tony Scott's classic movie True Romance. Which is pretty much the most bad ass romance ever. 

But did you guys know that she is also a mother to two children? Enzo Rossi & Harlow Jane. 

Patricia also started a nonprofit charity with her friend Rosetta Getty called Give-Love.Org

This organization uses funds for "Community-led sanitation projects to improve public health & create jobs around recycling."

You wouldn't believe what a organization like this if helping with by teaching and helping to organize healthy sanitation solutions. Including bringing down the infant mortality rate, improving their agriculture and creating lasting jobs of locals in Hati.  After 5 years in Hati is ready to go global. If you would like to learn more, please check them out.  

Patricia is also such a bad-ass that when she won her Acadamy Award in 2015 for her role as a multidimensional, strong mother in Boyhood, she took the moment to speak up for fair wages for women everywhere. (P.S did you also know she won the Golden Globe, the BAFTA, the Independent Spirit Award and the SAG award for that same role?) 

In other words... Patricia, you are still my girl crush! Thanks for being a Mama that we can all aspire to be. 


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