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Finding a balance between the selflessness & selfishness of motherhood.

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A Valentine to us....

Exciting things on the horizon

Exciting things on the horizon


Valentine's Day is always really special for Erin and I, we sort of think of it as T.W.H's birthday because it is always our "year-end" when we sit together and reassess where we are and where we want to move forward. This year we have some pretty exciting things ahead of us.... But before we get to that, let me catch you up on where we have been in case you were wondering. 

Besides raising our kids this past year, Erin and I have been really trying to find ourselves, as far as getting "back" to the passionate creativity we used to thrive on.  We couldn't focus on our personal passions too much while we were in the trenches of "The Baby Years" and while those years are THE BEST years, mothers can really loose themselves a little by immersing ourselves so completely in our families. We put everyone else first, as we should... But it is time to come up for air..... And boy are we coming!