Oil Slick

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We may not have the coolest winters in So Cal but what they lack in chilly dreaminess, they make up for in dryness.   Cracked hands, chapped lips, dehydrated skin is all the rage right now in our houses.   I wake up most mornings, turn on the lights and gasp at how I turned from tired mom to wrinklestiltskin over night!   So I turned to my old favorite habit, slathering oils on my face and neck.

Not only do I wake up with hydrated skin but it is glowing and feels hydrated.   Now before we give you our favorite oils right now,  lets be clear...putting oils (ones for your face) will not clog your pores or make you oily.   The right ones will balance your skin, make you glow and give your skin a nice bounce.

All of these oils will hydrate, protect, renew and give your skin a drink and a bounce!   From top left to bottom right-

You can use face oils any time of the day but if you need to put make up over them you need to let them absorb for about 10 minutes before you apply.  And glow get 'em girl!

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Speaking of oils...this one may not be for your face but it is the reason we wear body oils instead of perfume.  Years ago we discovered this small roll on oil by Faith.  The most lovely, feminine (but NOT girly) scent you will ever roll on.   Not over powering, just lovely and delicate.  Only hugging someone will allow them to get a small whiff.   I have never felt sexier than when I wear Faith.   Out of the blue they sent us some and it was like Christmas!  As a stinky mom, where showers are few and far between, this is a life saver and (friend saver).