You would be hard pressed to find anything more beautiful than the stary, sparkly galaxy. 

I recently went on a field trip with my 5th-grade son to an areospace museum and we watched a film about the milky way and the creation of our solar system. The part that caught my attention was one fact... Each and every single one of us contains a minuscule amount of stardust in the makeup of our bodies. How fantastic is that? I always knew we were all stars. 

This month we are feeling pretty inspired by everything celestial and so we rounded up a few of the things we are loving right now. From the tips of our fingers down to our toes we are feeling this cosmic look. 

Olive & June 

Olive & June 

When you get it right a cosmic mani can look amazingly cool. We love Olive & June for the way they can keep even the most over the top nail art concept classy. 


We may or may not have become so obsessed with this slip dress that we can't stop visiting it on our favorite new direct to consumer brands site. Réalisation Par nailed everything good about our teenage astrology books and named a dress after it. 

Hello gorgeous! It took us drooling over this celestial skirt for us to realize we were on to a theme this summer. We love the color and the ease of this skirt from Lovers + Friends. Mix it with your favorite white T and you are ready to go. 

Have you ever fallen in love with someone over Instagram? We do it all the time and we fell hard for @anotherseattleartist Katie Marks is a ceramic artist who makes the most adorable cups, bowls, and pipes we have ever seen. Each piece is truly a work of art. Which is probably why they sell out so fast we haven't been quick enough to nail a piece down yet. Her galaxy glaze is perfect for us. Do yourself a favor and check her out. 

Let's pretend money is no object... Because sometimes that's a fun game to play.... These sweet little stary night ring by Andrea Fohrman would be on our fingers faster then you could say Twinkle, Twinkle.

Of course you can't forget the number one way to celebrate the stars... take a few nights off and go sit out under them. We aren't much for pitching our own tents, so here is a list of a few beautiful glamping spots. Where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the stars and then snuggle up in a spider free bed. 

We are all made of stars. 


Mix your metals

The age old "rules" of fashion are not for us or our generation as a whole. One would be hard pressed to find someone these days who won't wear white after Labor Day... But what about the more subtle rules, like don't wear navy & black together or don't mix your metals... Silver jewelry goes only with silver jewelry and gold with gold. 

These rules are somewhat ingrained into our collective psyche and you may not even realize you're following them unless you stop and think about it. If you stick to the "No mixing your metals" rule, just think of all that jewlery sitting lonley at home when it could be out having fun! 

Erin Wasson  Wasson Fine

Erin Wasson Wasson Fine

Time to break the rules. Throw on all your chains at once, put your beautiful silver pendant on a gold chain. Mix it up.

Roseark-  James Banks Designs - P.S. My birthday is next month

Roseark- James Banks Designs- P.S. My birthday is next month

The same goes for your bracelets, your rings & your pretty little ears. 

If mixing metals in the jewelry world is old news to you and you're already a mixing pro, then why not branch out into your home's interior? 

The idea that we could mix metals in our decor was eye opening to us and so much fun! 

I mixed metals for example when I got the bathroom sconces I was dreaming of without having to change all my sink hardware, at first I was nervous and thought it wouldn't work, but I think it totally did. 

What's good for the bathroom is good for the kitchen, and these pretty spaces proves that mixing metals can be modern and sleek. 

Break rules, have fun & mix it up.