A Few Things- Book Worm Edition

Books! Those glorious little vessels of escape and magic.... For as long as I can remember I've been reading a book, jumping from one to the next in a continuous stream of stories. 

I'm not a selective reader, I will read pretty much anything you set in front of me.... That doesn't mean I like them all, it just means I am willing to give them all a chance. I think I have only quit reading about 3 books total in my life.... Where I decided, I can't do this anymore, I am wasting valuable reading time on a book I am not even slightly attached to. 

That being said, there a number of books in the endless stream that stand-out and always float back into my mind. Here are a few books that I read this summer that I would love to pass on to you. 

1. The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr

Alright, yes, I did start reading this because the new Jessica Beil limited series on USA looked super interesting to me. I wanted to see what it was all about and I am SO glad I did! This book grabs you right from the start with its dark mysteries. A young mother with a buried, painful past snaps one day and the story unravels from there with flashbacks and twists. I'm currently getting hardly any sleep at night because I can't put it down. Please read this book if you love a good mystery- it's not a who-done it but more of a "Why did she do it?". I have to finish it before the series premieres this week, if only so I can sit next to my husband watching it with the smug knowledge that I know the secrets of the show, but I'll never tell... It's sort of my thing. Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, The Handmaids Tale, Gone Girl.... 


2. Salvage The Bones - Jesmyn Ward

I'm quite a few years late to the party on this one, and on National Book Award winning author Jesmyn Ward but I can't tell you how amazed I am by her. Raw talent, seamless storytelling and the ability to transport you directly into her setting. This story starts a few days before Hurricane Katrina strikes and focuses on one young girl Esch and her family as they spend their last days before the flood unknowing what disaster and heartache lay before them. This book transported me into a world I have never experienced but was written in a way that made me feel deeply connected to all the characters. 


3. My (Not So) Perfect Life- Sophie Kinsella 

When things in my own life are heavy I have to read light, fluffy fun books to take me out of my own head and Sophie Kinsella is one of my very favorite authors for this. Smart, witty and relatable- I love a Sophie Kinsella heroine! While I am honestly not a huge fan of the Shopaholic series... Sorry! I do love all of her other books and her latest is no exception. When Katie is fired from her fancy London job in advertising she doesn't know how to tell her family, so she pretends it never happened. Continuing to curate a perfect city life on her Instagram account, no one would be the wiser. Of course in true Kinsella fashion, there are bound to be some laugh-out-loud bumps in the road to Katie's happy ending. A great light and fun beach read. 

Slow it down and read a book! 


Watch These Right Now!

If you know us at all, you know we are just overflowing with advice and suggestions for you.... Read this, wear these, they will look great on you, try this recipe, go easy on yourself, etc.

Today is no different, we are telling you.... If you haven't watched these shows yet.... DROP EVERYTHING and get to the television. 

A little while ago we started getting all these tweets from TWH followers asking if we had checked out Stranger Things and then we started getting texts from friends in the middle of the night... You need to watch this show you will LOVE IT.. 

Then Erin & Tony started watching it and they flipped out and loved it so of course Tom and I had to see what was going on with this social phenomenon of a show. 

Duffer Brother's Strike Gold On Netflix

Duffer Brother's Strike Gold On Netflix

Blown away is putting it lightly, Stranger Things has everything that you could ever want in a 80's nostalgic thriller.... Amazing adolescent characters that are smart AND funny, bikes, small town cops, fantastic music and costume, suspense and of course.... Winona Ryder & Matthew Modine. 

It's hard to say too much with out giving anything away so we will just say this, the casting is fantastic, the writing is fantastic, the Duffer Brother's who create and direct are fantastic and for sure the kid who plays no teeth is fantastic! 

It's a watch more then one episode a night sow for sure... 


The next television obsession we have right now is The Night Of on HBO. Sunday nights can not come fast enough around our house these days. 

HBO's Mini Series

HBO's Mini Series

It feels almost old fashioned to have to wait for your show every week instead of being able to watch them whenever you feel like it... But this show is worth the wait. 

A limited series (we think thats just a fancy way of saying mini-series) that explores the night of a horrible crime and the fall out from the investigation should get a Golden Globe for casting alone. 

Riz Ahmed.... The sweetest puppy dog eyes ever. 

Riz Ahmed.... The sweetest puppy dog eyes ever. 

Every single actor in this show is talented, well thought out and real. Have you ever watched something and every actor that comes on screen you find yourself thinking.. "Oh man, I love that guy" It's like they took every great actor from every show over the last 10-15 years and cast them. Did anyone else forget how much they loved John Turturro? Did anyone else never know they loved Riz Ahmed?  

John Turturro is a King! 

John Turturro is a King! 

There is only one more episode left and we still have no freaking clue what really happened the night of the crime. My husband and I are full of theories but I can not wait to see how the writers wrap it up this Sunday. Although I will be sad to see these characters go. 

Hurry up and binge watch it quick before Sunday... But if you figure it out don't tweet us any spoilers! 



Now you have your homework.... Just in time for those early back to school bedtimes. Treat yourself to some amazing story telling. 

XOXO- Mieke & Erin