A Valentine to us!


If you are a long time Things We Heart reader, you may have noticed that we have been a little distracted lately..... And by distracted we mean busy bees. We never, never, ever want to stop writing here on Things We Heart. Our readers mean the world to us and we are honestly so amazed each time we meet someone who actually reads all of our posts.... Because sometimes it can feel like singing in the shower, or talking to yourself.... A lot of fun, but you don't think anyone is really listening. So honestly, thank you to those of you who click though from Instagram. We love you. 


Valentine's Day is always really special for Erin and I, we sort of think of it as T.W.H's birthday because it is always our "year-end" when we sit together and reassess where we are and where we want to move forward. This year we have some pretty exciting things ahead of us.... But before we get to that, let me catch you up on where we have been in case you were wondering. 

Besides raising our kids this past year, Erin and I have been really trying to find ourselves, as far as getting "back" to the passionate creativity we used to thrive on.  We couldn't focus on our personal passions too much while we were in the trenches of "The Baby Years" and while those years are THE BEST years, mothers can really loose themselves a little by immersing ourselves so completely in our families. We put everyone else first, as we should... But it is time to come up for air..... And boy are we coming! 



Erin started a company called Four + Four Design and has started bringing old homes around Los Angeles back to their rightful glory. So if you are in Los Angeles and in the market for a new home, you would be lucky to find a @fourplusfourdesign home to call your own. One of their projects was on the cover of Sunset this past year.... Soooooooo in my eyes, she's a pretty big deal. Along with that Erin has also been helping her friend's set up their stores, some of the very cutest boutiques in Los Angeles secretly have a little Erin Lokitz mixed in, she is also helping friends and clients decorate and style their homes and meanwhile managing to raise two beautiful, secure, loved, strong and smart little women. Oh and being an animal rights activist and fashion guru on her instagram page @friendsorfaux. Can you tell how much I love her and how proud I am of her? She inspires me every day. If I didn't love her so damn much I would hate her. Did I mention she is gorgeous. UGH. 



Meanwhile I have been pretty busy myself. I was lucky enough to collaborate with my insanely talented, creative and beautiful sister Costume Designer Aubrey Binzer on a company called Binzer & Company. We had the privilege of working on a collaboration with Daft Punk for their pop up shop at Maxfields! To add a cherry on top of that dream we got a feature in HYPEBEAST. Make sure you check out my sister's new Television show Heather's on March 7th on the Paramount Network. Aubrey did such an amazing job on the costumes for this show and keep your eyes peeled for some Binzer & Company designs on the Heathers. I have also been lucky enough to have spent a good part of the year on different writing projects... Including a hopeful book deal! Cross your fingers for me. I have also committed almost 12 years to being a Mamma who feels lucky everyday that I get to be here when my kids come home from school, I know it has been a privilege. 

This Valentine"s day though, Erin & I are giving each other a gift and this gift may change the face of Things We Heart a little bit, so please be patient with us. 

Drum roll.............

We bought a cabin!!! 


Yes, somewhere in the beautiful mountains of California near a gorgeous lake is a little cabin, well actually two little cabins connected by a breeze-way. After years of dreaming we finally found the perfect place to start our new venture, Nine Arrows. 

We will spend the next few months focusing on the refurbishing and refreshing of these little cabins. So you may notice we are a little M.I.A from posting here. But don't worry we will keep up the @thingsweheart instagram. We are bursting at the seams with ideas and possibilities so please follow along with us at @ninearrowslakehouse as well to see all the fun. Once we get the cabins perfect we will be using them to build a lifetime of memories for our families. We plan on renting Nine Arrows Lake House out via boutique rental sites as well, so we hope you and your families can make memories in our little home as well. 

Erin and I think this project is perfect for us because it combines so many of the things we love; design, decor and making people feel welcome. We look forward to sharing not only the adventure of building Nine Arrows with you but the tangible joy of experiencing this dreamy place for yourself. 

So happy Valentine's Day Erin, I got you a house.... Oh, you got me one too? Perfect!

A special Valentine's shout out to the men who make our hearts pitter-patter and our dreams come true. We will always be your Snow Bunnies.  







She's like a rainbow...


Lately we have become obsessed with colors and chakras and chakra balancing. I know, SUPER new age! The world is crazy right now, we need to find all possible ways to find clam or our heads will most likely explode. 

Have you ever tried to meditate? If you have you have probably seen colors dancing before your eyes.... But what do those colors mean? What do they represent? Why are we drawn to certain colors and turned off by others? These are some of the many things we wonder about while trying to fall asleep at night.... Although I am supoussed to be meditating so I CAN sleep at night... See how ironic? 


In all honesty I am completely new to this, so you will have to bear with me as I stumble my way through this chakra business. Let's learn together. I have collected this information from the web. 

Chakra colors are typically broken down into seven and follow the order of the colors of the rainbow. Let’s look at the chakra colors in order, from red to purple and white, and explore their meanings and attributes.

In order, the colors of the seven primary chakras are:

  1. Red – First chakra
  2. Orange – Second chakra
  3. Yellow – Third chakra
  4. Green – Fourth chakra
  5. Blue (sapphire blue or turquoise) – Fifth chakra
  6. Purple (or deep indigo) – Sixth chakra
  7. White (sometimes purplish white) – Seventh chakra

Each color reflects a type of vibration or frequency radiating through the chakras. This classic color chart is based on yogic traditions, as well as contemporary healing schools of thought. Although the exact color of each energy center may vary, there is a general agreement about a rainbow-colored representation of the chakra system.

Different chakra colors and their meanings

  1. The Root Chakra – The Sanskrit word for this Chakra is Mooladhara Chakra (mool means root). The chakra colors associated with the root chakra is Red. The root chakra defines our relation to Earth. It impacts our vitality, passion and survival instincts. The red chakra colors are also indicative of our need for logic and order, physical strength and sexuality as well as the fight or flight response when faced with danger. The sense of smell in the human body is connected to the Root Chakra. The gland to which the root chakra is attached is the Gonads.
  2. The Sacral Chakra – The Sanskrit word for the sacral chakra is the Swadhisthana chakra. The chakra colors associated with sacral chakra is orange. Swadishthana chakra relates to the water element in the human body. The chakra colors orange impact sexuality, reproductive function, joy, desire and even creativity, compassion for others etc. The sense of Taste is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Glands and organs impacted by this chakra include the lymphatic system, female reproductive organs, large intestine, pelvis, bladder etc.
  3. The Solar plexus Chakra – The Sanskrit word for this chakra is ManiPura Chakra which literally translates to “city of jewels”. Thus the solar plexus chakra is the personal power chakra that is responsible for one’s personal and professional success. The chakra colors yellow of this energy vortex are associated with fire, energy, charge etc. This element of fire, when balanced and harmonious allows one to feel more confident, cheerful and energetic along with a right amount of respect for self and others. Our sense of sight is associated with the solar plexus chakra. The glands or organs associated with Solar plexus chakra are Adrenal glands.
  4. The Heart Chakra – Anahata Chakra or the heart chakra is associated with the chakra colors Green. This chakra influences our relationships and has the Air element. A weak heart chakra is responsible for sabotaging the relationships through distrust, anger and envy etc. Sense of touch is impacted by the heart chakra and the glands connected to it are Thymus and lymph.
  5. The Throat Chakra – The Vishuddhi chakra refers to our true voice. As the name suggests, the Throat chakra with its chakra colors Blue is associated with the ability to communicate, listen etc. The glands to which the Throat chakra is attached are the esophagus, ears, throat, thyroid, jaws, teeth and neck vertebrae. The ethereal element of the Throat Chakra, when balanced, allows an individual to have pleasant voice, artistic abilities, expressive ways and also ability to be in a higher place spiritually. The individuals with balanced throat chakra are able to meditate well and use their energy efficiently and artistically.
  6. The Brow/Third Eye Chakra – The Ajna Chakra literally translates to “centre of knowing or monitoring”. This chakra is associated with chakra colors Indigo and is connected to the Pineal or pituitary gland. Those with a well balanced brow chakra can have telepathic abilities, charismatic personality and they often do not have any fear of death. The element of electricity or telepathy along with the chakra colors of Indigo are associated with our sense of Thought.
  7. The Crown Chakra – This chakra is known as Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit and is associated with the chakra colors of violet or purple. The crown chakra is associated with the pituitary gland, nervous system, and the brain and head region with its element of light. In its balanced state, this chakra can render individuals the ability to perform miracles, transcend the laws of nature, and have a heightened awareness of death and immortality.

What will you do with this information? Not sure what we will do with it ourselves, but like I said before, our country's political climate is so intense right now, for the sensitive souls among us, it can be too much. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and try and get back to a calm inner place. If meditation isn't for you, try going for a run or taking a nap- The need to break away from our screens is really strong for us right now. 

Unplug for a while and get back to yourself.

xo- M&E 

Squeezing out the last drop.....


Halloween is definitely one of our very top holidays. We love getting dressed up, we love being slightly scared in the exciting way, we love candy, we love moonlight, we love pumpkins.... I mean- It's like a holiday that was made just for us! 

Although this year it feels like it's already been Halloween for a week. We can't help but feel a tad over it! I know, that is awful to say. We hope today is as fun for you as the last 4 days of Halloween have been.  As mush as we love Halloween, couldn't we confine it to one weekend? We wouldn't feel so tired and cranky about it. 


To bring back the fun and enjoyment of the holiday and to get you (and ourselves) super excited for tonight... We bring you.... Some of our favorite costumes EVER!!! This is a random selection we found on the internet- Just to make you smile. If these photos are you, claim them! 

Baby Wayne & Garth! Swingggg! 

Baby Wayne & Garth! Swingggg! 

Baby Edward

Baby Edward

I think we post this guy every year... Because whats better then a little one dressed like our dream man? Just too cute.... 

Genius Lloyd Dobler

Genius Lloyd Dobler

Double points for creativity! How do people build these arms? Love this costume- Love this movie. 

Seeing Double

Seeing Double

When you randomly look exactly like a movie star you absolutely need to use that to your advantage.... Therefor no one could do a better American Psycho costume better than this guy and he should just stick to this costume every year. 

I can't

I can't

This guy took a passing resemblance and one up'ed it... Not just Che Guevara but the iconic Che Guevara t-shirt! Super out of the box creative! 


Speaking of boxes.... We have to hand it to G.P seen here dressed as her own severed head sent to Brad Pitt in SEVEN.... It's just too good. 

I know... But I't really good. 

I know... But I't really good. 

Kim & Kourtney K came through with M.J and Madonna and they pretty much killed it... As they should with the amount of money they spent on their glam squads for this one! We have to hand it to them! 


Bruce Willis probably had a much smaller glam squad, and still made us laugh with his friend as the spooky ass twins from The Shining! 


Pull yourselves together, get back in the spirit and take your kids trick or treating! Remember, this really is the most wonderful time of the year!!! 


Another kind of self care...

All we want to do right now...

All we want to do right now...

It seems like lately all we want to do is eat, nest, and snuggle with our families (and no we aren't pregnant).  It has been constant stream of heightened stress since Jan 20.  And with the Vegas mass shootings, Trump being Trump, the hurricanes, paired with everyday life we just want to curl up,  show our children the beauty of life and eat a ton of fried food and chocolate.  So far we have been doing great at most of those.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.33.54 PM.png

Now when it comes to chocolate we are professionals.  We can tell you the best one for your needs whether it be baking, eating or giving as gifts.  Our pantries usually have at least 3 kinds of eating chocolate at the ready and now a days it is about 5.   If we could have any chocolate (non dairy of course) it would be these three lovelies.  


    Compartes Sea Salt Dark Chocolate -  As sinfully sexy as it looks.  This is chocolate at its finest
  • Mast Brothers Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Bar-  Seriously eat this as much as possible.  The price tag isn't so fun but we can't help it when we walk into Broome Street General and see these gorgeously wrapped, hand crafted lovelies we can't help it!  
  • Justin's Dark Chocolate PB Cups-  WINNER!  These are hands down our favorite things to cuddle up with (next to wine and of course our babies)-  WINNER!  These are hands down our favorite things to cuddle up with (next to wine and of course our babies)

Now the best thing to do with piles of chocolate on a stressful day is just snuggle.  No nap needed.  Just curl up with the coziest blanket, your family (furry ones included), a great TV show and chocolate and watch your stress levels dip.  Are the dishes really that important? If you need any help getting in the mood just take a gander at that snuggly dreamy blanket Jen Atkin (the sweetest hair stylist in the land) has in her equally dreamy living room.  

All Modern

All Modern

We may not be able to have her delicious blanket  (her mom makes them and sells them here!) but we found 3 that are just as pretty and snuggly.

  • Restoration Hardware Faux Fur- We love our faux fur blankets from RH!  We can always count on my Nana to get us one...the girls LOVE it
  • Anthropologie Pink Faux Fur-  This dreamy, big and snuggly pale pink yumminess has been in our carts for a while and maybe it is time for us to gift ourselves with one.  You know...for the stress and all
  • PB Faux Shearling-  Yes please!  As a blanket, a cuddle wrap, a pet blanket what ever...we need this

How ever you choose to self love and take a moment to just "be" do it with love in your heart and peace in your brain.  We could all use it these days...



A few things to warm your soul & light your fire


We have been feeling at a loss for things to write about here, the world is is such a heartbreaking state of affairs.... Shopping, makeup and other bits of life, beautiful, but trivial thoughts are evading us. We want so much to fix everything and everyone that is broken. A feat that today seems impossible. Yet, here we stand despite it all. 

So what?!?, We ask our selves can we bring to you that actually sets your souls of fire? 

We have found the poems of Rupi Kaur so beautiful, moving and inspiring that we had to share them with you. 

This young Canadian woman touches us so deeply with her words.... We hope they bring you some warmth. We hope her words light you up the way they do for us, to make you feel powerful and less alone. 

Pre-Order now-  The sun and her flowers
Buy  Milk and Honey  now. 

Buy Milk and Honey now.