A Valentine to us!


If you are a long time Things We Heart reader, you may have noticed that we have been a little distracted lately..... And by distracted we mean busy bees. We never, never, ever want to stop writing here on Things We Heart. Our readers mean the world to us and we are honestly so amazed each time we meet someone who actually reads all of our posts.... Because sometimes it can feel like singing in the shower, or talking to yourself.... A lot of fun, but you don't think anyone is really listening. So honestly, thank you to those of you who click though from Instagram. We love you. 


Valentine's Day is always really special for Erin and I, we sort of think of it as T.W.H's birthday because it is always our "year-end" when we sit together and reassess where we are and where we want to move forward. This year we have some pretty exciting things ahead of us.... But before we get to that, let me catch you up on where we have been in case you were wondering. 

Besides raising our kids this past year, Erin and I have been really trying to find ourselves, as far as getting "back" to the passionate creativity we used to thrive on.  We couldn't focus on our personal passions too much while we were in the trenches of "The Baby Years" and while those years are THE BEST years, mothers can really loose themselves a little by immersing ourselves so completely in our families. We put everyone else first, as we should... But it is time to come up for air..... And boy are we coming! 



Erin started a company called Four + Four Design and has started bringing old homes around Los Angeles back to their rightful glory. So if you are in Los Angeles and in the market for a new home, you would be lucky to find a @fourplusfourdesign home to call your own. One of their projects was on the cover of Sunset this past year.... Soooooooo in my eyes, she's a pretty big deal. Along with that Erin has also been helping her friend's set up their stores, some of the very cutest boutiques in Los Angeles secretly have a little Erin Lokitz mixed in, she is also helping friends and clients decorate and style their homes and meanwhile managing to raise two beautiful, secure, loved, strong and smart little women. Oh and being an animal rights activist and fashion guru on her instagram page @friendsorfaux. Can you tell how much I love her and how proud I am of her? She inspires me every day. If I didn't love her so damn much I would hate her. Did I mention she is gorgeous. UGH. 



Meanwhile I have been pretty busy myself. I was lucky enough to collaborate with my insanely talented, creative and beautiful sister Costume Designer Aubrey Binzer on a company called Binzer & Company. We had the privilege of working on a collaboration with Daft Punk for their pop up shop at Maxfields! To add a cherry on top of that dream we got a feature in HYPEBEAST. Make sure you check out my sister's new Television show Heather's on March 7th on the Paramount Network. Aubrey did such an amazing job on the costumes for this show and keep your eyes peeled for some Binzer & Company designs on the Heathers. I have also been lucky enough to have spent a good part of the year on different writing projects... Including a hopeful book deal! Cross your fingers for me. I have also committed almost 12 years to being a Mamma who feels lucky everyday that I get to be here when my kids come home from school, I know it has been a privilege. 

This Valentine"s day though, Erin & I are giving each other a gift and this gift may change the face of Things We Heart a little bit, so please be patient with us. 

Drum roll.............

We bought a cabin!!! 


Yes, somewhere in the beautiful mountains of California near a gorgeous lake is a little cabin, well actually two little cabins connected by a breeze-way. After years of dreaming we finally found the perfect place to start our new venture, Nine Arrows. 

We will spend the next few months focusing on the refurbishing and refreshing of these little cabins. So you may notice we are a little M.I.A from posting here. But don't worry we will keep up the @thingsweheart instagram. We are bursting at the seams with ideas and possibilities so please follow along with us at @ninearrowslakehouse as well to see all the fun. Once we get the cabins perfect we will be using them to build a lifetime of memories for our families. We plan on renting Nine Arrows Lake House out via boutique rental sites as well, so we hope you and your families can make memories in our little home as well. 

Erin and I think this project is perfect for us because it combines so many of the things we love; design, decor and making people feel welcome. We look forward to sharing not only the adventure of building Nine Arrows with you but the tangible joy of experiencing this dreamy place for yourself. 

So happy Valentine's Day Erin, I got you a house.... Oh, you got me one too? Perfect!

A special Valentine's shout out to the men who make our hearts pitter-patter and our dreams come true. We will always be your Snow Bunnies.