Tiny Armor...tiny tattoos



Tattoos have been a part of human lives/bodies for centuries.  They are marks of honor, sadness, memories, heart aches and breaks, past love, challenges overcome or just because they are pretty or funny.  But what ever the reason tattoos are so alluring we can't get enough of them.  Although we may have made a mistake or 2 in the past with too big or "I am gonna love this forever" tattoos, we still love them and want a million more.  But alas we hold back knowing they are permanent and if not permanent, they are insanely painful to remove and don't always look right once they are gone.

One of my favorite friends to run into, Toby Morse, who is not one to love the delicate tattoos :)

One of my favorite friends to run into, Toby Morse, who is not one to love the delicate tattoos :)

This weekend we decided to the amazing Long Beach boutique, Prism, where they had a vintage clothes pop up and rad tattoo artist named "Hopper" doing dainty, single needle tattoos.  So of course I used any excuse I could to see Mieke and "forced" her to go with me.  How could she resist...shopping and a tattoo date?!?    We both ended up wanting the same one.  A tiny, delicate arrow that meant a lot to us both.  - Arrow- One meaning is "protection from harm" which goes along perfectly with the reason it meant so much to us which was "when something pulls you backwards, shoot forward into the light".  I then read (after we got them) that if two people get arrows together, "their friendship will last a lifetime"  Que the tears

Here are a few tiny tattoos we love by artists we can not get enough of...

Most of the artists whose work is above have a 6 month wait list!  But its so worth it for a good artist, safe and clean place and it gives you ample time to think about it!

  • Dr Woo's work is so detailed so intricate.  Now we would never go to someone simply because they have tattooed celebs but he is so good.
  • Daniel Winter Stone is beyond.  He is based in LA and I actually stalked a lady just to ask her who did her tiny delicate yet perfect stars on her hand.  
  • Sol Tattoo is an artist from South Korea that loves to do tiny perfect cat tattoos in the most gorgeous colors
  • The artists at Bang Bang NYC will blow your mind!

(There are thousands of artists that do insane work...these are a few of our favorites that we drool over daily on Instagram)

What ever you get, just make sure you really want it and the person/shop doing it is licensed, clean, safe and experienced....

What would you get?  Comment below or on Insta!

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