Take Us To The Tropics. The tropical trend we are ALL about!

Give us some water, sand and a towel and we are ready to go!  We LOVE anything beach related and this new Tropical trend is something we can get strongly behind.   Just peek into our closets and you are bound to find a vintage Hawaiian print romper,  an ex-boyfriend from high school's Hawaiian shirt and just about anything that reminds us of of a warm tropical place.  

So imagine our sheer excitement when we were searching for a vintage Hawaiian dress a few months ago and in our search hundreds of tropical items started popping up and kept popping up on our go to sites!   Maybe it was born again from the Rattan Furniture trend of the last few years, or just a normal cycle in fashion that came from the 50's then the 80's and again now, but what ever the reason is, we are in HEAVEN!


Ruffle Shorts/Kimono // Hawaiian Shirt/Surf Shorts //  Vintage Ruffle Dress // Strapless bodysuit/swimsuit //  Low Cut one piece //  Wrap Dress // Vintage mandarin dress //  High waist skirt  

Wanna take the tropics home with you?!  Yeah us too!  Here are our favorite home goods to get you into a Kokomo state of mind!  



What's your favorite tropical thing??  

xoxo TWH