What We WANT Now....

Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt

Do you ever get that feeling... You know, the one feeling you're ashamed to admit actually takes up residence in your brain.... The Veruca Salt feeling? Yep, it's when you want something and you want it bad! 

Well, right now we have our eye on a few things we want pretty stinking badly but they are all playing hard to get.

Here is a short list of "A Few Things" we are lusting after this month. 

1. Vintage Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace: 

Been dreaming of these too long to have not made it happen for ourselves yet. We have almost bit the bullet a couple times and chickened out each time. Here is the thing, these necklaces, the real ones are expensive, they are all unique and a reproduction just won't cut it.... So when you find the right one, invest! Still scouring flea markets to find the one that is meant for us. We will know it when we see it. 

2. The Perfect Facial Oil- 

It may seem counter-intuitive to put oil on your face when your whole life you were taught you don't want an oily face.... But facial oil has changed our lives. It is the perfect dewy moisturizer for our skin, which can tend to get dry living in California and forgetting to drink enough water in our busy days. Here is an article about how good oils are for your skin. We are constantly on the hunt for the PERFECT oil....  

A. French Girl Organics- I haven't tried this one but it is next on my list and I am really excited about it. 

B. NUDE- This has been my favorite facial oil so far. It is moisturizing but light enough that it doesn't make you look greasy... Just dewy. I also love that NUDE is vegan and all natural. 

C. RODIN- I have this one right now and I will honestly say, it is not my favorite. Which extra sucks because it is the most expensive. The smell isn't my favorite and it's slightly heavy... I have to be careful not to use too much or I look pretty greasy all day. But it gets great reviews so it may just not be the perfect match for my skin. 

3. The Perfect Pair Of Jeans: 

While some may say the perfect pair of jeans is a myth, we still are on the hunt. We dream about them enough to know they must be out there. The hard part is knowing which pair will be perfect for you. So similar to the saying about having to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your price, you have to try a lot of denim before you find your "Perfect Pair". 

1. One Teaspoon Denim: These jeans always, ALWAYS look so great on Erin... She has that cool ballerina/tomboy thing going on. I have tried and I never feel like they look quite as effortless on me, but I am going to keep trying.  This pair of "Van Saints" in black are on the way to my house right now! 

2. Jane Birkin in her perfect jeans... If you happen to look at 500 pictures of Jane Birkin a week... Like we do... You will see she is always in these cool patchwork jeans. 

3. Mother Denim: This company pretty much consistently thrills me. I love the way their jeans fit me and I love the styles and washes that they come up with each season... If I counted my jeans, more of them would be Mother then any other brand. These cropped flares are pretty much my dream jeans from my teenage years. A little hippie and still a great hug on your booty. Thank you, Mother, for the "Weekender" us short girls need a little flare love too! 

Go ahead and be a bad egg!