Another kind of self care...

All we want to do right now...

All we want to do right now...

It seems like lately all we want to do is eat, nest, and snuggle with our families (and no we aren't pregnant).  It has been constant stream of heightened stress since Jan 20.  And with the Vegas mass shootings, Trump being Trump, the hurricanes, paired with everyday life we just want to curl up,  show our children the beauty of life and eat a ton of fried food and chocolate.  So far we have been doing great at most of those.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.33.54 PM.png

Now when it comes to chocolate we are professionals.  We can tell you the best one for your needs whether it be baking, eating or giving as gifts.  Our pantries usually have at least 3 kinds of eating chocolate at the ready and now a days it is about 5.   If we could have any chocolate (non dairy of course) it would be these three lovelies.  


    Compartes Sea Salt Dark Chocolate -  As sinfully sexy as it looks.  This is chocolate at its finest
  • Mast Brothers Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Bar-  Seriously eat this as much as possible.  The price tag isn't so fun but we can't help it when we walk into Broome Street General and see these gorgeously wrapped, hand crafted lovelies we can't help it!  
  • Justin's Dark Chocolate PB Cups-  WINNER!  These are hands down our favorite things to cuddle up with (next to wine and of course our babies)-  WINNER!  These are hands down our favorite things to cuddle up with (next to wine and of course our babies)

Now the best thing to do with piles of chocolate on a stressful day is just snuggle.  No nap needed.  Just curl up with the coziest blanket, your family (furry ones included), a great TV show and chocolate and watch your stress levels dip.  Are the dishes really that important? If you need any help getting in the mood just take a gander at that snuggly dreamy blanket Jen Atkin (the sweetest hair stylist in the land) has in her equally dreamy living room.  

All Modern

All Modern

We may not be able to have her delicious blanket  (her mom makes them and sells them here!) but we found 3 that are just as pretty and snuggly.

  • Restoration Hardware Faux Fur- We love our faux fur blankets from RH!  We can always count on my Nana to get us one...the girls LOVE it
  • Anthropologie Pink Faux Fur-  This dreamy, big and snuggly pale pink yumminess has been in our carts for a while and maybe it is time for us to gift ourselves with one.  You know...for the stress and all
  • PB Faux Shearling-  Yes please!  As a blanket, a cuddle wrap, a pet blanket what ever...we need this

How ever you choose to self love and take a moment to just "be" do it with love in your heart and peace in your brain.  We could all use it these days...