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Uninspirational Quotes

Uninspirational Quotes

To say this last year has been challenging and stressful is an understatement but with all of its downs we managed to find many more of its "ups".  The lights at the end of the tunnel seem brighter...warmer.  Through the darker days we came upon golden ones...well you get the picture.  

Even though the storm has begun to pass we still find ourselves caught in lives mini showers from time to time...yes I am talking to you PMS!  It's during those times we really look at Instagram and its wonderful gift if gives us all...a little inspiration.  You know the ones...the accounts you follow that always have a beautiful message...not necessarily quote after quote but messages about strength, love, your own power and humanity.  

Here are a couple we follow and every time we stop on these accounts we feel better, stronger, more powerful.  Hope you do too...

Angi Greene,  thank you for your insta account.  Every day we go through our feeds knowing yours will lift us up, inspire us and help make us better people.  You are a daily inspiration.  A little backstory on Angi...if you follow her you will know she is not just an athlete/trainer or a mom...she is a wonderful human, a fighter and just like you and me gets up everyday arguing with her inner self.  

Follow Angi,  we promise you will start believing in your own magic.  Thank you Angi for taking us all on a soulful, honest journey. 

Do you ever have those days where you almost don't believe in humanity anymore?  I know...super dramatic but do you?  Lately it has been harder to see the good everyday...with the world the way it has been going and the political state in our own country...not to mention women who become incredibly powerful and famous simply from having a sex tape and reality show and droves of young girls looking up to her.  When we feel like we need a little reminder of how incredible humans and our furry friends can be, we take a stop at Admirable People on insta. Most of the time you will end up in tears...the good kind...the inspiring kind.

When days seem long, and nights seem lonely...just remember...the sun will come up tomorrow. Surround yourself with people you love and that love you right back.  Wake up and feel old friend once said to me.. "look at your feet. there you are"..  So on days that evil friend self doubt takes over..look at where you are and how far you have come.