A Few Things...(the we went to the Mumford concert and forgot to write edition)

Welcome back to A Few Things...  If you are new to TWH and or A Few Things...Hi!  Hello!  This is a peek inside our brains.  AFT is a column where we muse upon things that we are loving right now in the moment that get us all giddy.  

Hello lovelies...1st Dibs

Hello lovelies...1st Dibs

Marcel Breuer Cesca chairs.... for years we have pined over these simple rattan and chrome beauties...Mieke even had them growing up which makes sense why I love them, because we share a brain.  About a year ago my neighbors had a few outside that were getting weathered and beaten up.  My heart hurt...those poor babies needed me and some TLC.  So I started project "new me".  My neighbor happily handed me these vintage beauties and I got to work.  I polished, sanded, scrubbed, screwed but I could not revive them.  So I scoured the internet to purchase some for our kitchen being constructed.   To my surprise, they were coming back into style and Restoration Hardware remade them!  I figured I can get the vintage ones once my girls hands are less sticky with ice cream and peanut butter.   They bring such a great element to the kitchen.  We are so happy together!

NEED THESE TOO!  Dying over here   Electricmarigold  !

NEED THESE TOO!  Dying over here Electricmarigold!

CB2s Earthenware dishes are swoon worthy!  When you things CB2 its usually sleek and modern pieces for your apartment or home but they are stepping it up with the warmth!  We walked in and gasped at every corner of the store.  Then we got to the kitchen section...we thought we were getting the blush pink dishes until we saw this collection...the Earthenware collection.  Heavy, solid and gorgeously 70s.

Thank you ma'am may we have another!   CB2 we are happy to call you our new friend :)  

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Open shelving in the kitchen is every girls best and worst friend and every decor loving lady's dream!  We have pinned, pined and pouted to get some open shelving in our kitchens.  Its stunning, clean and is a great place to house our crystals, cute vases and fun figures.  It is also a good place to get us to work on our organization and tidiness because it's all out there for the world to see.  Everyone wants that dream shelfie (Mieke's house is filled with them...Im working on mine) and open shelving in the kitchen can either give you that or make your kitchen look like a mess.  Here are a few inspirations for our brains and hearts...

Right?!  It's a little peek inside you for everyone to see!  Hopefully not the messy side :)

Thanks for coming into our brains!  Hope you had fun!

xoxo TWH