A Few Things...

Welcome back to A Few Things...where you get a little peek into our fun and crazy brains.  Here are a few things we are obsessing about right now.

1. Documentary Now-  This is great enough to be numbers 1-3 today but we will know you want the 2 other things we are loving today.   

Written and staring Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers and our crush, Bill Hader have created the most hilarious mocumentary series ever.  Helen Mirin is the host for each episode if that isn't amazing enough.  One by one the episodes gorgeously mock famous and celebrated documentaries in the same style they were filmed and with similar characters but fictitious subjects.  If you love these 3 men as much as we do..do yourself a HUGE favor and grab a bowl of popcorn, a handful of chocolate chips and watch.  You're welcome...and sorry you will no longer be able to get anything done because you will be obsessed.


2. White kitchens- Duh!

My Inspo for everything!  That fireplace, skylight, dog, brass...all of it!

My Inspo for everything!  That fireplace, skylight, dog, brass...all of it!

Yes this is a big old DUH but it really deserves this accolade today :).  I am lucky enough to get to renovate my kitchen and have been dreaming of white kitchens for 10 years now.  So endless days spent on Pinterest have turned into an endless obsession with getting it right in my own home!  Stay tuned for a whole page dedicated to these glorious bright and clean beauties until then...let's keep pinning!

So clean and happy!

So clean and happy!


3. Mini Lightbox signs from Heidi Swapp

Seriously getting obsessed with these. We follow a lot of Australian and Scandinavian accounts on Insta and we keep seeing these. I have been holding off of grabbing one for my girls because if I grab one, then I will have to grab two!  And if they have them in their rooms then I would want one in mine and then it's just a marquis party!   

Thanks for coming inside our brains!  Hope it was fun!  Inspiration is around every corner

xoxo TWH