Sporty Spice

Lets be honest, more often then not Erin and I are Pumpkin Spice if we are any spice girl.

We like to keep it pretty cozy and even when we get Posh we may still have on leggings. 

But lately we have been hitting up the gym and it feels so good to turn over that Sporty leaf! 

Here are a few things that keep us motivated at the gym. 

1. Spotify- 

If you don't follow us on Spotify, you really should! Not only can you see what we are listening to lately, you can also check out our awesome playlists! We have two "Work Out" mixes, so you can switch it up depending on your mood. We get pretty eclectic with our tastes, so be prepared to bounce from Missy Elliot to Elvis Costello to Lady Leshurr to AC/DC.... And of course No Doubt. 

We seriously could not work out without our music... It's a must. 

2. Work out gear you can wear all day. 

1. Clavin Klein  2. Vintage T-Shirt 3. Mara Hoffman 4. Under Armour 5. Target 6. Under Armour

Lately we have been loving Under Armour and their leggings for workouts. They are high quality and comfortable, plus they have great designs and are about half the price of some other brands. We have also been obsessed with Mara Hoffman sports bras and the classic Calvin Klein ones. 

Usually we wil;l break up our sports look with a vintage T-shirt. It helps us keep feeling like ourselves even with the leggings and sneakers.  

3. Green Juice- 

Having this delicious juice bar right inside my local gym is pretty perfect. Sometimes while on the elliptical i'm already dreaming of a nice cold Indian Summer or a healthy spicy Straight Up. 

Whatever inspires you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself embrace it! It's not about fitting into a certain pair of jeans... (Although I have a few I may never be able to wear again) it's about keeping your spirits up and your heart strong. As mamas we have a lot to do and a lot to manage. Exercise helps clear your mind and lets you focus on whats important.