A Few Things- Instagram Edition... Grills, gift wrap and getaways

Deep down the hole we go.  Down the rabbit hole that is Instagram.  While one of us has insomnia and the other wakes at 4am, the one night time ritual we both have in common is heading to the ol' explore page on Insta (like all of you) and finding new people, inspiration etc.  In this edition of AFT we dive into the hole on 3 things that get us all giddy....

1. Grills...no we are not talking the ones you automatically are thinking.  We are talking chic, sleek and sexy.  It may be the 90's gangsta rap lovin girls inside us but we can not get enough of Dolly Cohen's lovely mouth jewelry.  This French hygienist turned mouth jewelry designer has turned our nights upside down while we dreamt and designed these in our heads.  It seriously doesn't get much sexier

2.  Creative Gift Packaging- no tricks, no surprises just totally sweet, spirited and lovely wrapping 

  1. The paper, the bells, the trimming?!  To say we are obsessed with this wrapping from Alder&Tweed is an understatement 
  2. How gorgeous is this chic and festive wrapping from our favorite flower girl, FGLA?
  3. The sleek simplicity of Almost Makes Perfect's all white wrapping with (free) printable tag is so lovely
  4. Your recipient (and you) will have no choice but to smile when they get this bright and happy wrapping!  Head to the genius Oh Happy Day for so many how to's.

3.  Far away places we are dreaming to go but don't even know where they are.  We constantly send houses, places, spaces back and forth (among 1,847 other things) and usually it is just to get us giddy with inspiration and vibes.  Here are a few we are dreaming to get to (and one we actually know where it is) even if we don't know where they are

Right?!?!?!  Take us to all of theres...ASAP!   PS That chic, sexy, gorgeous, insane black A frame belongs to friends who are just as perfect as this stunning cabin suggests!  

Tell us in the comments below what accounts you have found in the rabbit hole...  get lost!  

xoxo TWH