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We have always been total book worms. Jumping straight from one book into the next, I don't think there is ever really a time when we are not reading something... Sometimes they are fluff, just what you need to escape from the heaviness of the real world and sometimes they are beautiful, life changing stories. Sometimes a book can just grab you and not let you go. 

Have we mentioned that we also love movies? Well, sometimes a movie being made of one of your favorite books can make you nervous... Will they treat it right? Will it still be what you fell in love with? But sometimes... A great book being made into a great movie is like dropping your chocolate bar into someones peanut butter... A happy, happy combination.


A few weeks ago we were out to dinner with some friends and they recommended "Brain On Fire", being on the look out for a good, good book we started it that night. 

This memoir about one girls rapid decent into a deep hole of mysterious mental health issues is terrifying. Told from her own point of view with large spaces filled in by family and friends Susannah Cahalan takes us along with her on this mysterious medical journey. 

Here is the review from The Wrap. 

"An award-winning memoir and instant New York Times bestseller that goes far beyond its riveting medical mystery, Brain on Fire is the powerful account of one woman’s struggle to recapture her identity.

When twenty-four-year-old Susannah Cahalan woke up alone in a hospital room, strapped to her bed and unable to move or speak, she had no memory of how she’d gotten there. Days earlier, she had been on the threshold of a new, adult life: at the beginning of her first serious relationship and a promising career at a major New York newspaper. Now she was labeled violent, psychotic, a flight risk. What happened?

In a swift and breathtaking narrative, Susannah tells the astonishing true story of her descent into madness, her family’s inspiring faith in her, and the lifesaving diagnosis that nearly didn’t happen.

“A fascinating look at the disease that . . . could have cost this vibrant, vital young woman her life” (People), Brain on Fire is an unforgettable exploration of memory and identity, faith and love, and a profoundly compelling tale of survival and perseverance that is destined to become a classic."

Sounds like a book you may want to read right? Well, do so before the movie comes out in 2016 so you can compare how they did the adaptation. 

Staring Cholë Grace Moritz the film is already in post production and we are hoping it should be out some time in the spring. Dakota Fanning was originally slated to play Susannah Catalan but dropped out for scheduling conflicts. Could this be the role of a young actress' lifetime? With Oscar Winner Charlize Theron Producing we are expecting great things. 


Another book that we are in the middle of right now is "The Dress Maker" by Rosalie Ham. 

Set in a small Australian town this story is about a young woman who returns home from Paris years after being banished by her community to help her sick mother. The small town is full of gossip and rich characters and so far this has been one of my favorite reads this year. Published in 2000, it has just been released as a film this year, but has not yet been opened in the U.S and we can not find the exact release date for this year. 


Here is the film synopsis. 

In 1950s Australia, beautiful, talented dressmaker Tilly returns to her tiny hometown to right wrongs from her past. As she tries to reconcile with her mother, she starts to fall in love while transforming the fashion of the town.

Staring Kate Winslet who never lets us down, with Judy Davis as her mother and Liam Hemsworth as her younger love interest this movie is on the top of our film wish list right now. Plus we just can't wait to see what they do with these dresses the lead character designs. 

Read a good book, watch a good movie, get out of your head for a little while. The world is so big and sometimes we need a reminder to look outside our tiny bubble at other peoples lives... Be they fictional or real a great character from a book can be your new favorite person. 



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